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International board directors exchange insights to create sustainable businesses in the digital age

About Us

Digoshen Exploring Leaders holds a think tank and international membership forum - Exploring Leaders Membership with an  Exploring Board Communityand Master Programs for purpose driven board members, to tackle uncertainty, leverage opportunities and inspire improved board work and leadership in the new world.

We welcome interested practicing board members and business executives with one board role to join our free Digoshen International Live Sessions, the schedule can be found hereRequest to join the network above, and you will get option to join our free Live Sessions. After acceptance, you will enter the Lobby of the network, where you can sign up to the coming Live Sessions, and also get access to summaries of the previously held Live SessionsYou can later choose to apply to join the full membership if interested. 

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We bring together ambitious and progressive international board members and business executives with a board role, and in a trusted forum we learn, share challenges, trends, research and good practices, so that we can more quickly and responsibly bring our businesses into the digital age and create a better world. The membership is annual and gives you access to

  • a virtual master programs on current board topics and implications of emerging trends, that includes live deep dive briefings in a trusted peer group on board practices, research, dilemma cases and live exchanges
  • more virtual master programs to add on 
  • a trusted broader international community of practicing board members to discuss and resolve challenges
  • regular shorter live sessions on current topics
  • an opportunity to contribute to board insight think tank and board research
  • a digital supporting platform and app with access to master program incl sign up and recordings, materials shared, interactive discussion boards, relevant research papers and curated digital newsletter and podcasts 

We currently provide the following Master Programs with Deep Dive Learning Exchanges 

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Digoshen Exploring Leaders Members are all practicing board professionals or business executives with at least one board role. Current members resides in countries as Australia, Denmark, Finland, India, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and UK.

If you are a practicing board member, chair or business executive with a board role, and believe you can contribute to and gain value from the community, welcome to apply to join our network. We select members based on geographies and experiences to create meaningful peer group cohorts.    

Why You should join

The International Digoshen Exploring Leaders Members find that they can get comfort on challenges, learn new practices via the Master Programs and peer exchanges, that improves their board work and increases their boards impact. Members also expand their network and increase their exposure to new opportunities. Some of their testimonials can be found below.

The Digoshen Exploring Leaders Membership Forum is founded and operated by practicing board directors, for practicing board directors - Digoshen Impact Partners. The team consists of experienced senior international leaders with board mandates as Independent Chairs and Non-Executive Board Directors from companies that are publicly listed, private, state-owned, foundations, startups and NGOs. The team all live with the ongoing challenge themselves to improve their board work and board impact and several also engage in board research, contributing to academia and the Digoshen Think Tank.

Participants Testimonials

"Current topics, the trusted environment and insights from both listed companies and social enterprises creates dynamic discussions" Dutch CEO & NED Board Member

"Great to get current insights on practices from chairs and board members from other countries and industries”  Swedish Chairman

"The board dilemma framing with cases helps guide the discussion and increases the valuable sharing" Finnish NED Board Member

"I especially like the mix of insightful discussions in smaller groups and then drawing from experience of the broader community" Swiss NED Board Member

“It gives an international flavour and insights in board work across borders. Many Experienced board members to share knowledge with”  Swedish Chair and NED Board Member

“I like the diversity of attendees, new ideas and the future oriented approach” Norwegian NED Board Member

“I am excited about the quality of organizers, the international insights and senior level of participants” Swedish NED Board Member

“The topics are relevant and the organisers are experienced in board rooms and leadership and strategy topics” Danish NED Board Member

“The case studies were very good, its well prepared and easy to participate” Romanian NED Board Member

"The Digoshen live exchanges are a great service and opportunity for personal development during the pandemic." UK NED Board Member

A Big Thanks

Your generous engagements helps us  to ensure that in times of uncertainty we can support the sharing of thoughts and ideas in a community of trust. We can amplify the voices of purpose driven board directors and executives internationally to gain deeper insights and contribute to a think tank of continuously rejuvenated board and leadership practices.